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“My home inspection was, without doubt, the most thorough and comprehensive I have ever seen. Mr. Crawford is very detail oriented and makes sure to point out everything he finds. He really goes that extra mile to do the best job possible for his customers with honesty, integrity and professionalism. I am very satisfied and highly recommend his services.”

Vickie A.

Avon, IN

“Brian did an amazing job with the inspection. He saved me from 30 years of payments on a house that wasn’t worth the money. I will be sure to use Brian Crawford for my next inspection.”

Sarah C.

Terre Haute, IN

“Crawford Home Inspections exceeded all our home inspection needs! We are first time home buyers and we were very anxious for this day to come! Brian was very friendly and patient with all our questions and concerns. He thoroughly explained each test he was performing and was very honest with his opinions of what repairs should be taken care of soon and down the road. We were very impressed with the report that we were also given a couple hours after the inspection. The report was very thorough and included many colored photos of our home. We would definitely recommend Crawford Home Inspections to anyone that is looking for a reliable, professional, honest inspector.”

Nathan & Sue

Indianapolis, IN

“I’m not one to write letters of recommendation, but in this case I felt the need. My father, who is a disabled veteran, is purchasing a new home and found Crawford Home Inspections through the Homes for Heroes program. Brian arrived on time and was very professional. He was very patient allowing us to follow him around during the inspection even though Dad doesn’t get around as well as he once did. Brian took his time and answered every question as we asked them. Dad, being old school, was impressed and he’s not easily impressed. Throughout the entire process Brian was more than friendly and professional, but the reason for this recommendation is what happened next. After Brian had finished going over his report with us he asked if there were any final questions. After we said no there were no further questions he turned to my Father, handed him back his check and said “You’ve already paid your bill, Thank you for your service”. The look on my Fathers face was worth 10 times the amount of that check. So if you’re looking for someone who really cares about his customers I highly recommend Brian Crawford and Crawford Home Inspections.”

Jill G.

Plainfield, IN

“Brian arrived on time and was friendly and helpful. He took the time to explain the systems and the whole inspection took about three hours. The report was easy to understand and included photos of some of the important defects. I can’t recommend Brian Crawford enough if you’re thinking of purchasing a home and want peace of mind.”

Jay B.

Sellersburg, IN

“I’d like to share the experience I had with Crawford Home Inspections. While purchasing my new home I made the mistake of choosing a home inspector solely based on price, boy was that a mistake. I originally called several companies including Crawford Home Inspection, but ended up going with a cheaper company. My original inspection was horrible and my inspector missed so many things. He was there barely an hour and I felt rushed the entire time. There were several times I’d ask a question or had a concern and his response was either “oh you’re right, I’ll put that in my report” or “that’s not part of my standard inspection”. At the end of the inspection when I asked questions all he could say was that It’ll be included in the report and that I’d have it in a couple days. Finally, 5 days later, when I did receive his report none of the things we discussed were included. When I called him to address his report all he would say was that he didn’t remember and he’d have to check his photos then call me back. I never heard from him again. At that time I started to panic. I had an inspection report I was not comfortable with and only 72 hours to respond to the seller. I called each of the inspection companies back explaining my situation and only one showed any compassion. Brian answered the phone, said he understood my situation and offered to inspect that afternoon if I could arrange it with the current owner and real estate agent. Brian arrived on time and immediately apologized saying that this might feel a little rushed because we were running out of daylight. He spent over 2 hours walking around the home allowing me to follow every step of the way. Brian even took time during the inspection to stop and answer my questions and never once did I feel rushed. Knowing my deadline Brian wrote the report right there at the house, went over it with me on his computer and gave me a copy on a memory card. Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you want it done right the first time call Brian”

Dana P.

Indianapolis, IN

“I found Brian through INSPECTORSEEK.COM. I spoke with several other companies before talking to Brian. He answered all my questions and seemed very knowledgeable, so I decided to go with him. Brian arrived on time and was very professional. During the inspection he would stop to answer questions as I asked them. I received my report that same day and it was easy to understand with detailed photos. I highly recommend Brian Crawford for your home inspection needs.”

Marshal W.

Plainfield, IN

“It’s an old house and we wanted a thorough inspection. Brian was amazing and took his time to explain everything. We were very impressed. We appreciated the time spent with us as new homeowners.”

Tom & Cathy V.

Brownsburg, IN

“Very thorough. I’m very happy to have all that information in one place with pictures and detailed information. This will help us move forward with the purchase of our new home.”


Greenwood, IN

“Calling Crawford Home Inspections to help with my insurance claim was the best thing I ever did. My insurance company had originally denied my claim saying there was no damage to my home. Brian came out and did a thorough inspection. He took chalk and made marks on my gutters to show the dents, he found cracks in my vinyl siding that without close examination would have been missed and a few other minor things. After a thorough inspection of the roof Brian said he found no hail damage to my shingles. At first this upset me, but Brian put my mind at ease. He took the time to explain to me how hail is formed. How certain sizes of hail causes different amounts of damage to different building materials. He had weather reports showing the size of hail that was reported in the area and even knew the direction the storm came. Brian wrote an estimate for the damages found and it ended up being under my deductible. If I had known that this was all the damage I had I wouldn’t have filed a claim. If there’s ever another hail storm I’ll call Brian first.”

Kevin F.

Greenwood, IN

“Due to Brian’s thorough inspection, I was able to get the sellers to replace the furnace and repair the improperly installed roof. The cost of his services well more than paid for itself.”

Tim D.

Jeffersonville, IN

“Thanks to the inspector from Crawford Home Inspections I got a new roof. The inspector was very thorough and wrote a detailed report including photos and repair estimate. I sent this report in to the adjuster who originally said there was no damage and he paid it, no questions asked.”

Sylvester S.

Greenwood, IN

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